APRIL 29, 2024
Per our intent, purpose, and Mission Statement, while the Afri Bar may be a gay establishment aimed at gay African American and Black men first, the Afri Bar is a commercial space privately owned by the Afri Bar, LLC, open to Guests 18 years of age and older within a gay demographic first as we are a gay established establishment.
Understanding any significance and/or importance to the Afri Bar, Village Resorts Hospitality Group, LLC, and the Afri Bar, LLC, do not adhere to social movements which may be defined as an organized effort by a body of people, organizations, institutions, or governments organized to achieve a particular goal usually social, political, or religious and in most cases social movements may be carried out to exact a social change, resist social change, or undo social change and the Afri Bar is a social, political, and religious free movement environment who’s conduct of business is guided by our intent, purpose, and mission statement.
While the purpose and intent behind the Afri Bar is based on significance and importance, from time to time, at our, and in our, absolute sole discretion, the Afri Bar to include the hotels and resorts at the Afri Bar, may be made available to, and host events non particular to a gay demographic as part of our Blackout Date promotions. However, no such blackout date promotion may interfere with nor alter our normal operating procedures and are unintended to interfere with the experiences of the Afri Bar patrons. In the future, if any, all blackout date promotions may be found on our website indicating what venues, dates, times, and occurrences may be subject to blackout dates in our absolute and sole discretion.