Join the Afri Club, a private Members only social club open to patrons of the Afri Bar but curated especially for gay Black and gay African American men and access Member exclusive services and amenities. The Afri Members only club provides Members with an opportunity to meet and socialize with other Members while enjoying a safe space for shared interest, an opportunity to engage in select activities, a sanctuary for rest, recreation, relaxation and more; and the benefits to becoming an Afri Club Member include exclusivity, mutual bonds and connections with other Members, a sense of community, a centralized location, and a consistent quality in services and amenities. The Afri Club general frequently asked questions are an intended and permitted use as a non exhaustive list.

What is the Afri club?

The Afri Club is a private Members only social club open to patrons 18 years of age and older curated especially for gay Black and African American.

What is the Afri FRAT?

Exclusive within exclusive coming soon to the Afri Club. Members don't join the Afri Frat Members are selected or chosen to become Members of the Afri Frat. Coming soon to The Afri Bar. The Afri Frat is at Managements discretion and subject to terms and conditions.

What are the amenities of the Afri club?

The Afri Club amenities include exclusive access to the Afri Bar Grill Lounge*, the Afri Clubhouse, pool, basketball court, fitness center, showers, lockers, the Afri Kitchen*, the lounge, banquet facilities, the Afri playroom, and more.


The Afri Club does come with fees ranging from initiation fees, monthly dues and sometimes other financial commitments allowing the Afri Club to become solely accessible to its paying Members and not free or an open space to non-members.


The Afri Bar understands that many Guests may wish to film and record themselves while visiting the Afri Bar and its facilities and the Afri Bar takes the privacy of our Guests seriously. While Guests may be free to record themselves at the Afri Bar Grill Lounge, We maintain a strict no cellphone, cameras, or other recording devices policy throughout many areas of the Afri Clubhouse to include the Afri Playroom, and asks all Guests and Members to be mindful of recording in the lockers, showers, and Afri spa as some Guests may wish not to be recorded. Guests found in possession of any sort of camera, recording device or cellphone while in violation of the Afri Bar or the Afri Club policies may be subject to a non-refunded dismissal from the Afri Bar and any of its facilities.

What is the Afri Playroom?

The Afri Playroom is an exclusive private men’s spa that provides a safe and friendly space where Afri Club Members can meet and enjoy the company of men and as Afri Club Members who may frequent the Afri Playroom our Guests sexual health is always a top priority. Your sexual, physical, mental, and social state of mind reflects upon your sexuality and a positive approach to life is encouraged as you meet others at the Afri Playroom and may engage in a safer and more pleasurable experience both sexual and non-sexual and we encourage all Guests to be aware of their sexual well-being.


The Afri Club Terms and Conditions serve as an intended and permitted use as a non exhaustive list.

The Afri Club is a private gay men’s social club, spa, and gym.

  • Members acknowledge and agree that homosexuality and bisexuality do not offend them.

  • Each member of the Afri Club enjoys the right to privacy concerning their personal and private activities at the Afri Bar and the Afri Club.

  • Members agree not to disclose any personal information or activities of other members, staff, or guests of the Afri Bar and the Afri Club without written, expressed consent of both the members, guests, and staff.

  • Members acknowledge they are entering the Afri Bar and the Afri Club for their own personal recreational and social activities.

  • Unless fully disclosed to Afri Bar and Afri Club Management, Members affirm they are not at the Afri Bar or Afri Club as a representative, agent, or member of any governmental agency, nor are they entering the Afri Bar or Afri Club to gather or provide information regarding or concerning the Afri Bar or Afri Club, its members, staff, or guests to any third parties.

  • Members understand that entering the Afri Club requires Members to provide full and truthful disclosure of the purpose of their entrance to the Afri Club.

  • Upon entering the Afri Bar, the Afri Club or any facility of the Afri Bar Grill Lounge, Members waive all rights and liability from the Afri Bar for any loss, harm, or damage to their Person or their property, which may be or has been the result of their activities at the Afri Bar or any facility of the Afri Bar Grill Lounge.

  • Members hereby release and hold harmless the Afri Bar from any liability for injury to their Person or their property caused by negligence of the Afri Bar Grill Lounge, its agents, or employees.

  • Members assume all risk whatsoever which may accompany or be the results of visiting the Afri Bar Grill Lounge.

  • Members have been advised to seek medical and/or legal advice prior to entering into a Afri Club membership agreement.

  • Members sign a Afri Club membership agreement freely and voluntarily and with full understanding of its terms.

  • Members accept fines for lost or damaged items as well as late fees.

  • Members declare under penalty of perjury that they have read and understand the entire terms of the Afri Club membership agreement and that any and all of the information provided by the Member is true and correct.

We reserve the right to deny admission, prevent entry or require a Person already admitted to leave the Afri Bar, Afri Club, or any part or portion thereof, without refund, liability or compensation, for failure to comply with any of these terms, conditions, and rules, for unsafe, illegal or offensive behavior, to ensure safety, security or order, or if we consider that the circumstances otherwise so require in our sole and absolute discretion.

These Frequently Asked Questions and Terms and Conditions are subject to change at any time without notice.