The Afri Bar

JUNE 21, 2024
Notwithstanding our initial debut of proposed renderings beginning May 1, 2024, due to size, location, limitations, and capacity, the Afri Bar, LLC, has modified our initial plans to fit one of our desired and proposed location(s).
We are pleased to share a proposed rendering of our Hollywood, California location, which spans approximately five acres +/- and allows us to establish the Afri Resort presence in the prestigious Hollywood, California region.
At this time, the Afri Bar, LLC, intends to keep all previously proposed, advertised and promoted events and infrastructure within our initial proposals incorporated into the newly proposed layout of the Afri Bar and Afri Resort.
For more information, you may continue to follow our progress via social media or at to learn more about this exciting property. 
Proposed renderings, images, and concepts are the property of The Afri Bar, LLC. All rights reserved. ©️ 2024. 
Thank you for your interest in the Afri Bar.
The Afri Bar, the Afri Resort, owned and operated by The Afri Resort, LLC, is a Village Resorts Hospitality Group, LLC, property, and from time to time, at our sole discretion the Afri Bar, LLC, and Village Resorts Hospitality Group, LLC, reserves the right to implement, modify, cancel, or change any policy, Memorandum, or agreement as necessary.
We reserve all rights in our sole and absolute discretion.